Read the last blog Cat Runner Update Week 5

This has been an exciting week for us as we just released our second game, Cat Runner 2018! And with our release of Cat Runner 2018, we also participated in our very first Feedback Friday post on reddit which provided lots of valuable feedback and suggestions to improve our game. We can’t wait to implement some more updates and add more content to Cat Runner 2018.

What went well the last week:

  • Released Cat Runner 2018 on iOS, Android, Windows and OS X
  • New music added before release
  • Participated in first Feedback Friday and have a lot of great things planned to fix for future updates

What did not go as well:

  • Making all of the builds and marketing consumed more time than development

Next steps:

  • Finish the free with advertisements versions of the game for iOS and Android
  • Tweak collision to make it more predictable
  • Add slow time power up
  • Various polishing / fixes based on feedback