Read the last blog Cat Runner Update Week 4

What went well the last week:

  • Particles like snow added to the ice level, stars replacing the old background layer on the space level
  • 3 power ups added
  • Streams updated
  • Theme art updates
  • More sets to randomly choose from and ability to completely randomize a set

What did not go as well:

  • Cat Runner 2018 polish is still taking longer than planned, but it’s worth it
  • Still haven’t worked on “platformer” project
  • Laptop bricked itself this morning and I had to reinstall everything fresh

Next steps:

  • Finish at least one good music track and adjust any other sound effects
  • Finish flavor text in treat exchange
  • Android Build (Finally) - This one is already in progress, just working through the SDL2 Android project errors and linking etc.
  • Release Cat Runner 2018 on iOS and Android

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Preview of the power ups below:

Magic Hat Power Up

Wings Power Up

Rocket Power Up