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This week will be yet another super quick blog update. We are hard at work on polishing Cat Runner 2018 and hope to get it out on iOS and Android in the next week.

What went well the last week:

  • Lots of polish added to Cat Runner 2018
  • Treat Exchange is finished - 8 new cats, 2 new themes, and 20 streams are now in since last week
  • Pause screen - pauses when you get a call or lock your phone, etc
  • 8 new cats added
  • Streams added and available to purchase
  • Both new themes art is almost 100% complete
  • Performance tweaks
  • Added a visible number of how many treats you gain when you pick them up
  • Game over screen shows score more prominently and treats gained in a run
  • Font drop shadows and colors per theme

What did not go as well:

  • Cat Runner 2018 polish is still taking longer than planned
  • Still haven’t worked on “platformer” project
  • Got a new phone and lost all my old Cat Runner 2018 unlock progress

Next steps:

  • Finish at least one good music track and adjust any other sound effects
  • Finish code for the 2 new themes
  • Finish flavor text in treat exchange
  • Particles for snow on ice theme
  • Android Build (Finally)
  • Release Cat Runner 2018 on iOS and Android

Here’s a quick preview of the still work in progress “Night Forest” theme and the “Fantasy” theme. You can also see a quick preview of the treat exchange. We can’t wait to release this game! Stay tuned as we prepare for our iOS and Android release.

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Dark Forest Theme run

Fantasy Theme run

Treat Exchange Preview