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This week will be a super quick blog update. We are hard at work on polishing Cat Runner 2018 and hope to get it out on iOS and Android in the next week or two.

What went well the last two weeks:

  • Lots of polish added to Cat Runner 2018
  • Treat Exchange is practically finished (just needs new content that doesn’t exist yet)
  • Using Treat Exchange as the screen to buy and select instead of a separate screen to select what you want.
  • All 3 new themes are in the game, 2 new themes in development
  • New high score of 50,827

What did not go as well:

  • Cat Runner 2018 polish is taking longer than planned
  • Haven’t worked on “platformer” project

Next steps:

  • Finish “streams” or particle effects that will trail from the runners
  • Finish at least one good music track and adjust any other sound effects
  • Adding 2 new themes and up to 8 more runners for a total of 6 themes and 20 runners
  • Performance tweaks
  • Android Build (Finally)
  • Release Cat Runner 2018 on iOS and Android

The last couple of weeks have been all about our Treat Exchange feature. We wanted to provide a single “shop” (don’t worry, no microtransactions in this game) for the players to buy and pick their runner, theme and soon stream.

We can’t wait to release this game! Stay tuned as we prepare for our iOS and Android release.

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Treat Exchange Preview

Treat Exchange Preview

Space Theme!

Space Theme run

My highest score yet!

My highest score yet!