Disclaimer: Art, gameplay, sound, music etc. is not final work and all subject to change.

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This week will be a super quick blog update. We are hard at work on polishing Cat Runner 2018 and hope to get it out on iOS and Android in the next week or two.

What went well this week:

  • Lots of polish added to Cat Runner 2018
  • Made it resolution independent so we can port to all devices

What did not go as well:

  • Didn’t work on platformer project
  • Still need about a week or two of polish for Cat Runner 2018

Next steps:

  • Finish polishing Cat Runner 2018
  • Finish the “Treat Exchange” where you trade treats collected for unlockables
  • Finish the options screen
  • Release Cat Runner 2018 on iOS and Android

This week we’ve been all over adding some finishing polish to Cat Runner 2018. We were able to add around 6 new cats that will be unlockable. We also got most of two unlockable themes finished too.

We were able to add all the basics like saving your high score and settings in-between playthroughs. Added more sound effects. Added the collectable treats as the currency for unlockables, etc.

We plan on finishing our Treat Exchange so you can purchase the unlockables with treats as well as the options screen to select your runner, theme, etc.

Once we have these features in, it’ll be on to the Android build and finalizing everything we need for both iOS and Android releases.

We can’t wait to beat your high scores in Cat Runner 2018!

Cat Runner 2018

Cat Runner 2018 coming soon to iOS and Android

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