Disclaimer: Art, gameplay, sound, music etc. is not final work and all subject to change.

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Welcome back to our fourth platformer game update. This one will be rather short and sweet this week. There was mostly small updates and research done on the Platformer project. But, we did manage to move our Cat Runner 2018 game to our own engine and got it running on OSX and iOS so far.

What went well this week:

  • Started UI - buttons
  • Player movement even more finalized
  • Created a whole test level – even if it’s not final yet
  • Level generator start – fixed bugs with camera and new test level size

What did not go as well:

  • AI - Spent a lot of time researching, but, not much progress on our AI systems
  • Cat Runner ate into quite a bit of time this week

Next steps:

  • Touch up the test level and finalize “room” sizes
  • AI
  • Add another handgun and ability to switch between weapons
  • Continue level design
  • Release Cat Runner 2018 on iOS and Android

A lot of time was spent researching AI and Unity at the beginning of this week. There’s many ways to make AI and in our case, we’ll just start with something simple. Many 3D games use something called a navmesh that lets the AI know where it can and can not go. But, in our case we have gravity and other possibly randomly generated obstacles, etc. So we are going to probably start with some simple pathfinding, check for obstacles, can jump, etc. type of AI.

Test Level

In addition to researching AI, I also finished up the whole test level. It needs some work in shaping up the vertical movement so it isn’t “clunky”. But, the idea with this test level is to “size up” what we think a “room” would be and figure out how many of these “rooms” we might have to randomly generate to make up a whole level. While testing this level, we soon realized we had to fix a bug with the camera that was preventing it from viewing the whole width of the level.

Test Level Test level used as reference before level generation and testing

Some other time was spent on researching UI in Unity and getting some things together for that. We created a couple simple 9-sliced images for the buttons and background panels for menus, etc.

That’s about all we got done this week for the Platformer project. We did also get our Cat Runner 2018 game ported to our own engine this week as well. We do plan on releasing this game on iOS and Android once we have a little more polish done.

Cat Runner 2018

Cat Runner 2018 coming soon to iOS and Android

Please follow our development road map on Trello. Once our alpha is released you will be able to try the alpha demo on our itch.io page. Thank you for following the dev blog.

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