As I said in the previous post, this project is in very early development. But, with that I want to keep a new format for the development blog to document the game’s progress. Every week I’d like to drop little updates, gifs, etc and share the development process with you. Follow along and watch as our new project, “Platformer”, evolves into a full game. As spoiler free as possible of course.

Disclaimer: Art, gameplay, sound, music etc. is not final work and all subject to change.

What went well this week:

  • Breakable Blocks
  • Adding a few sound effects was easy
  • Character Arm Rotation
  • Learned more about Unity, specifically rays and debug drawing
  • Added a custom cursor
  • Camera can move based on cursor position, up to a max distance from player

What did not go as well:

  • Took too long to figure out arms rotation math with pixel scale
  • Seriously, I tried way too many things before I got a debug line drawing where I wanted it to
  • Camera movement towards cursor position needs interpolation, definitely made me nauseous and become optional and toggled off

Next steps:

  • Add another layer to swap player weapons out
  • Ability to shoot a bullet with hit detection against ground etc.
  • Breakable blocks break from bullets

So far I’ve been prioritizing gameplay elements based off of basic movement and abilities that are needed for our tutorial level that will teach the player the basics of the game. This includes: movement, jumping, shooting. I feel like moving and jumping are easy to teach to the player without words. Think back to your first Goomba on world 1-1 in the classic Mario. You learn things can move, how to lose and you don’t want a Goomba touching Mario. All without moving or pressing a button. No text tutorial or video required. I bring this up because one of my first basic problems was thinking about how to teach a player how to shoot their weapon. I wanted to be sure the player shot their weapon and thought it’d be great to throw in an extra mechanic as well too. With this I started work on the “breakable block”. Pretty basic platformer ingredient is the block that disappears or breaks when touched. In addition to breaking when jumped, why not make it breakable by weapons too? The first step is breaking when the player touches it.

Breakable Blocks!

Alright, I want the player to be able to shoot the blocks. It’s going to be the only way out of this tutorial level after all. So, that starts the next work on layering out the main character and getting them ready to fire their weapons. It took a little learning on how to get a custom pivot point working etc. I also got to see all kinds of fun bugs on the way to getting the arms rotation working

Rotating arms

But, with a little bit of tweaking I finally got the arms a little bit better. I have more to tweak on this. But, it’s finally a little more realistic.

Rotating arms fix

We also have some more player animations in the works to help flesh out combat as the obvious next game mechanic is combat.

Read the Week 2 Update

Please follow our development road map on Trello. Once our alpha is released you will be able to try the alpha demo on our page. Thank you for following the dev blog.