Welcome to the first blog post following the development on our new project, Platformer (Working Title). In this post I’d like to quickly go over a few topics from a high level such as: tools being used, progress so far, next steps and how you can follow the project throughout development.

The tools used and process workflow could have a whole blog post of itself. But, in short, we are using Aseprite for pixel art and animation creation, Tiled app for building the levels, Milky Tracker for music and sound and finally the Unity 3D game engine to glue everything together and bring it to life with C# scripts. Multiplatform tools are very important to us as we want not only our games to work on “everything”, but, also our tools.

We are at the very early stages so far on the project. But, development is finally picking up pace as we finalized our work flow and asset pipeline. With an aimed alpha build (vertical slice) for the end of Q2 2018 and beta builds and polishing to follow suit. The goal is to initially release on itch.io and steam platforms.

Please follow our development road map on Trello. Once our alpha is released you will be able to try the alpha demo on our itch.io page. Thank you for following the dev blog.