Development on Runevale is still very much on the way and we have a lot of exciting new features to bring into the alpha. We will do our best to come up with a schedule on when and how often we post these updates.

The first major change we made is switch from the $0.99 one time purchase price of Runevale to free to play. With this, we have created a few new things: in game gold you can earn as a tip from NPCs, boosts you can purchase with gold to help out during story and arcade, and in-app purchases to buy more gold.

Here’s an exciting list of things in development:

  • New NPC art
  • New Runevale potion shop art
  • Added more UI and game sounds
  • NPCs walk in and out of the Runevale shop now
  • NPCs have a chance to drop gold tips
  • New shop screen for gold and in app purchases